A Fusion of Local Hualien Ingredients - Romantic and Exotic Cuisine:Restaurant Barcelona

"I'm actually very romantic; you just don't know it." This is the sweet declaration made by Restaurant Barcelona chef Lahora Cruz Sergio. Even before his romanticism became known, his enthusiasm and perseverance for cooking had already made this hidden exotic restaurant popular. It opened in October 2018 and is located on the second floor of a building near the west exit of Hualien Railway Station.

Chef Lahora is from Barcelona, Spain. His love for cooking sprouted in his childhood while studying recipes in the kitchen with his mother. Later, when he entered culinary school, his dedication pushed him to go further. Today, he has accumulated 30 years of cooking experience. Proficient in controlling heat, he creates wonderful sauces and maximizes the rich flavors of the ingredients he uses.

Many years ago, he moved to Hualien for work and became colleagues with Miss Shu-Ling Chou, a native of the Amis community. The chef, who demands perfection in every detail, met a great kitchen assistant who responds wisely and always completes his missions. The two worked together perfectly and grew a relationship that fueled their love and helped them start their own business.

Barcelona’s interior design is simple and neat, while the semi-open kitchen lends a great sense of comfort to the dining and cooking spaces. Lahora makes good use of Hualien's local ingredients to create his cuisine. Dishes such as “peeled chili and salted pork fettuccine,” perfectly blends peeled chili and fresh cream into a smooth and slightly spicy sauce. Meanwhile, the seafood risotto consists of boiled tomatoes and seafood, and each bite is rich with a sweet and salty piquancy.

Lahora truly knows the hospitality in Hualien, "Not just friendly, but much friendlier than any other place!" For him, life in Hualien is highly enjoyable. He says that the convenience stores are simply like Doraemon's treasure bag, providing both convenience and comfort. His hometown, Barcelona, is close to the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its beaches. Therefore, in summer, he also loves to go swimming at Jiqi Beach or take a stroll at Qixingtan Beach. He feels that Taroko, Baiyang Trail, Sakadong Trail, Swallow Grotto Trail, potholes, springs, Indian Chief Rock, and other landscapes represent the beauty of Hualien.

Restaurant Barcelona

Address: 2F., 110, Fu’an Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours: 11:00–13:30 , 17:30–20:00(Closed on Wednesdays)

Tel: 0938–034-300