Affordable, Cozy, and Family-friendly:Three Koalas

"Three Koalas" is a family restaurant offering affordable Western cuisine. It is named after a piece of handmade pottery in the shape of three koalas, a symbol of commitment between Australian boss Ben and his wife Regina from Hualien to remind them of their love and dreams.

Regina went to Australia for study at the age of 18 and met her boyfriend Ben, who worked as a chef. After graduating from college, she continued to pursue a career in Australia. After seven years of nostalgia, however, the two decided to return to Hualien. Hualien and Sydney have very similar climates, something that made Ben feel very much at home. But one day, Ben, who wanted to have some pizza, wandered along the streets and couldn't find the handmade pizza he wanted. "If that is so, let's open a pizza restaurant!" Regina came up with the idea in 2009 and Three Koalas was open for business. The couple also got married at around the same time.

Three adorable koalas are painted on the restaurant signboard, catching the eye of many passersby. At the beginning, only pizza and pasta were on the menu, but over the past decade, dozens of dishes have been added, including brunch, sandwiches, burgers, muffins, and desserts, to meet the various needs of customers. All of the Australian-style handmade pizzas have chewy crusts and rich, melty cheese, and feature fresh ingredients that garner rave reviews.

Ben, who doesn't like the taste of commercial flavors, insists that the dough, ingredients, and sauces are all handmade, and each dish has its own distinctive taste. For example, the appetizer "Crispy Corn Chips" is made by topping crispy Mexican corn chips with fragrant cheese, roasting them in the oven and mixing them with ingredients including freshly sliced lettuce, Mexican beans, homemade salsa and sour cream.

After their children were born, Ben and Regina discovered how difficult it was to take the children out for dinner, so they designed a family-friendly dining space next door. There is a play area for kids, and it is convenient for parents and children to have fun and eat together. In summer, the couple often takes their children to Sanzhan River to play, swim and catch small fish. "Hualien has everything: mountains, ocean, streams and lakes," Regina says, “And people here are so friendly.”

Three Koalas

Address: 122, Bo’ai St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours: 16:30–21:00 Tuesday through Friday; 11:00–14:30, 16:30–21:00 on weekends and holidays.

Tel: (03)832–0083