European Style White Cabin– Enjoying Quietness in the Mountains:Saobading Homestay

"Saobaing Homestay" is located on the Wuhe Terrace in the center of East Rift Valley. It is surrounded by greenery, tea farms, and natural forests. It faces the broad Xiuguluan River Valley and has high mountains in the backdrop. It is a place of comfort and relaxation. In the mornings, the tea farms are filled with clouds and fog. The scenery is sometimes clear, and at other times, hazy - manifesting a mysterious romantic setting.

This European-style two-floor building is lovely. The white outer wall is matched with a grass-green pitched roof. There are two columns in front of the arch. A tiger window is on the side of the house, a decorative chimney on the roof, and a green-roofed pavilion beside the house, giving the place the ambiance of the European countryside. There are many varieties of plants in the yard. From time to time, squirrels, egrets, rhinoceros beetles, fireflies, and cicadas appear, brightening up the garden with the delights of nature.

The host Lin Qing-Ho used to run tea farms in this region. He planned and built this beautiful house 20 years ago. In 1999, a friend introduced him to Miss Liang Qing-Ping, a Vietnamese Chinese, and they later married. They did not want to waste this beautiful house and the surrounding beauty, so in 2004, they opened the homestay. It has since attracted many families to vacation there because of its beauty and comfort.

The hostess, Liang Qing-Ping, has a talent for cooking and is famous for her authentic Vietnamese cuisine, including pumpkin puree called "Men and Women's Love," grilled lean meat without ginger "Wan Shou Wu Jiang," and Tai Sui Chicken. The homestay’s most famous "bumping-against-the-wall dumplings" are actually leek dumplings that got their hilarious name when Lin taught his wife how to make dumplings and told her that "leek dumplings can make you stronger!" His wife, who is not fluent in Mandarin, accidentally understood “stronger” as “bumping against the wall," hence the name of the dish.

Liang is from Southern Vietnam and has a passion for the scenery of Hualien. She says, "My hometown, Nanyue, is all plains and rice fields, while Hualien has such magnificent mountains and sea." In their leisure time, the couple drives to the nearby Ruisui Ranch to take a walk and see herds of cows and ostriches. They venture to Yushan National Park to enjoy basking in the forest and hiking along Batongguan Ancient Trail. In August and September, they like to visit the nearby Sixty Stone Mountain and Chike Mountain to see orange daylilies in bloom. In winter, they go to Ruisui Hot Spring Area to enjoy bathing in the springs.

Saobading Homestay

Address: 211-1, Wuhe Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (03)887–1378

Cellphone for Accommodation Booking: 0910–552–019

Cellphone for Restaurant Booking: 0933–486–206