For regulars, it’s like coming home for dinner:A-one Thai and Asian Cuisine

The distinct flavors of A-one Thai and Asian Cuisine will put your five senses to the test. Some of its popular dishes include Thai pepper chicken, roasted pork neck, Thai curry shrimp, and much more, and it’s a must-stop destination for foodies visiting Hualien. Over the nine years since its opening, the restaurant has amassed a following of regular customers who feel dining at A-one Thai and Asian Cuisine is just like coming home for dinner.

Experienced in multinational cuisine, the owner, John, previously lived in Thailand and is of Chinese descent. He and his wife moved to Hualien in order to take care of elderly family members. Talking with his sons about a cross-country relocation, he says that his sons “remembered traveling to Hualien as children and that their uncle took them to swim at Shapodang River. They missed the clean air and water as well as the quality of life in Hualien.” This was the very memory that prompted the family to move to Hualien.

Having studied cooking abroad, John has much respect for the Japanese service spirit. He feels that many of the rules and customs required in cooking are meaningful and necessary, and that both the kitchen and wait staff must abide by a certain set of logic. For example, John believes that following an SOP and working methodically will enable each dish to be made quickly, with attention paid to every detail. This is why he insists on putting these habits into practice at his restaurant. For example, "Thai-style pepper chicken" uses fresh boneless chicken thighs. After cooking, the skin is crispy, and moisture is sealed in the meat, making each bite juicy with a perfect texture. Chicken breasts are cut into small pieces and carefully grilled to make the tantalizing Thai Chicken Satay BBQ Skewers.

John and his family often venture out to enjoy the great outdoors of Hualien. They stroll along the north coastline, watching the tide rise and fall, or take cycling trips throughout Hualien, northward bound to Hualien Port and Qixingtan, or southbound past Mugua River Bridge to Yunshanshui and Donghua University. Trips have also been made to Shuilian Village for the beautiful beach at Niushan. Recently, he’s been leisurely cycling to Liyu Lake to check out the local B&Bs because of their attractive and unique architecture. John strongly recommends venturing to the rivers in the area, particularly Sanzhan River. He looks forward to seeing travelers from all over the world explore the majestic rivers and mountains that Hualien has to offer.

A-One Thai and Asian Cuisine

Address: No. 45, Datong Street, Hualien City, Hualien County

Opening Hours: 11:30 -14:00 , 17:30 –21:00(Closed on Thursdays)

Tel: (03)833–8198