Taiwan-Vietnam Friendship - Heartwarming Cuisine:Manna Kitchen

The name "Manna" was inspired by the biblical story "Exodus." The story describes the 40 years that the Israelites wandered in the wilderness under the command of Moses. Food was scarce, but fortunately, nourishment sent by God fell from the sky was called "Manna."

The restaurant "Manna Kitchen" operated by Vietnamese woman Nguyen Yan Chun is very popular with both Vietnamese and neighboring locals because of its delicious meals. Many customers hear about it on the Internet. Back when Nguyen was in Vietnam, she worked in a wedding banquet team. She had a difficult time after coming to Taiwan 16 years ago, but the Good Shepherd Foundation was there to help her through it.

After that, she studied in Hualien Kuo Koang High School , to obtain a C-level chef license. Nguyen run the restaurant "Manna Kitchen" with her friends. The restaurant is famous because of its fresh ingredient and special taste.

Their Vietnamese cuisine is a wonderful combination of Vietnamese and Taiwanese flavors. For example, the delicious tomato and egg soup has many ingredients. The Vietnamese raw spring rolls are stuffed with meat, shrimp, rice noodles, and then drenched in sauce. The egg fried rice is cheap and the portions are big. There are many other choices as well, such as roast pork rice and Vietnamese noodle soup. During lunch and dinner time, many longtime customers flock to the restaurant.

She is also passionate about public welfare. Through the guidance of local entrepreneurs at the Power of Women Program, she helps other women who dream of opening their own store. At the same time, she also lectures about cuisine at the Hualien County Empowerment and Life Development Association. She promotes activities for the Hualien new resident community in order to let Hualien residents know more about the culture and food of new denizens.

Nguyen adores the beautiful waters and mountains in Hualien because they are pristine and relaxing. She says, "This is the life I want." She is enthusiastic about public welfare and uses her cooking skills to assist the "Life Cultivation and Development Association" to teach communities in Hualien how to make Vietnamese spring rolls. Photos from various events are posted in the restaurant.

Manna Kitchen is located near the White Lighthouse Park in Hualien City, not far from the Stone Sculptural Museum, Hualien Port Scenic Bridge, and Hualien Golf Course. Visitors can make a travel plan that includes good food and beautiful scenery at the same time.

Manna Kitchen

Address: 5-8, Huadao Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours: 11:00–14:00 , 17:00–20:00 (Closed on Sundays)

Tel: (03)822–6601