Travel No Further — A Place Close to Your Heart:Imari B&B

The "Imari B&B" in Meilun, Hualien, has an authentic Japanese garden and a café with hot springs for soaking your feet. The location is not too remote and suitable for travelers to come on foot. For example, Tungtamen Night Market, North Seashore Park, Pine Garden Annex, the Pacific Park, and Japanese General House are all just a 30 to 40-minute walk away, and it only takes nine minutes to get to the Stone Sculpture Museum.

The owner, Keno Maeda, is from Imari, Japan. He was a sales engineer at Toyo Electric in his younger years. While on a business trip to Taipei, he met Miss Wang Zhu-hui, and the two fell in love. After retiring in 2003, he decided to move from Taipei to Hualien and chose to live in Hualien City because of the mountains, water, quietness and leisure, plus his favorite sports—golf. Hualien Golf Course is the only golf course located within a city in Taiwan, providing easy and convenient access.

In 2008, Maeda and his wife bought a piece of land in Meilun to build the "Imari B&B." The building in the front is fitted with guest rooms, while the building in back contains a kitchen, dining room, and their home. To reach their vision, ten years after opening the homestay, they hired Japanese designers to build a Japanese garden and a café with a foot-bathing hot spring on the property. They reorganize the restaurant and rooms in hopes of better accommodating the needs of their guests.

For more than ten years, Mr. Maeda has worked hard to perfect the art of Japanese bread baking and was granted Taiwan’s B-level certification for baking in his 60s. Then he applied the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship to making French boule and English toast. Furthermore, he returned to the Gunma Prefecture, Japan where he learned how to make bacon and German sausages. These are served for breakfast and afternoon tea at the homestay. Mrs. Maeda is good at Japanese cuisine and also runs a "sushi class" at the homestay. He proudly serves travelers with Japanese hospitality.

Running the homestay has become their favorite way of life, as this lifestyle allows them to enjoy the beauty of the East Rift Valley in their leisure time. They often bring onigiri on trips to Buluowan, Taroko, and Chinan Forest Park. They often travel with friends who share their same values and met along the journey of life.

Imari B&B

Address:27-4, Zhongyi 1st St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (03)823–6600 , 0932–893–177 (Telephone Service Time: 08:30–20:30)